Activities are planned at times a week in advance, some longer (i.e. seasonal, festivals) and where possible, I will try to cover different activities depending on the month, season etc. More recently I have found that I am doing more in the moment planning following in from children’s specific interests and in this case we might find that any activities I had planned are left aside, this is proving a good way or working and children are engaged in activities more. I work within the EYFS Learning and Development requirements and aim to achieve maximum development for the age of the child. Children will have constant access to an extensive variety of toys that will stimulate their thought process and imagination and encourage their independence.


Activities planned will obviously be based / suited to the age group of the children I care for on any particular day and will follow on the individual interests of the children.

Activities may include:
  • Play dough
  • Sing-along, dancing, movement - nursery rhymes
  • Sticking: use of old christmas cards, birthday cards, catalogues;the possibilites are endless.
  • Role play, dressing up, playing in the outdoor playhouse, playing with the toy kitchen, hoover, washing machine, making camps, having tea parties and picnics for dolls and teddies
  • Puzzles
  • Collages
  • Junk building
  • Cooking and Baking (cakes, biscuits, decorative icing) - this can involve going to the shop and helping to buy the ingredients, measuring the ingredients, cooking and then eating!!!
  • Visiting childminder drop ins and toddler groups
  • Visiting the parks, feeding the ducks, Day trips
  • Leaf collecting and painting
  • Stories - picture books, sound books, touch and feel books
  • Mark Making, including Colouring, Painting, sponge painting, finger painting, roller painting, stencils
  • Planting seeds, growing strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes
  • Visiting the library for story time
  • Themed days / weeks, such as Chinese New Year, Easter, Pancake Day, Mothers & Fathers Day, Christmas, Halloween, Ramadan, Weather, Holidays, Colours, etc

This list is far from everythign that we do. It is simply an idea of some of the ativites we do on a day to day basis. We have been known to put pans on our heads and pretend we are on a shuttle going to space, or we wear blankets over our shoulders to be superheros. Everyday is different and exciting.