Some activities are set up on a daily basis (i.e. seasonal, festivals), however with a move to a more natural based setting I have found that I am doing more in the moment planning Following children’s specific interests. In this case we might find that any activities I had planned are left aside as children become engaged in their own unique way of learning which is described in the EYFS as children Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL).

I work within the EYFS Learning and Development requirements and aim to achieve maximum development for the age of the child. Children will have constant access to an extensive variety of toys that will stimulate their thought process and imagination and encourage their independence.

Activities planned will obviously be based / suited to the age group of the children I care for on any particular day and will follow on the individual interests of the children.

Daily Activities

There is free flow access between inside and outdoors so that childern can experience all areas of provision. No areas or weather are off limits - please dress your child accordingly. Children love nothing more than going outside and jumping in muddy puddles, searching for birds or making potions in the mud kitchen.

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  • Mud Kitchen
  • Looking for birds

Loose Parts Play

Over the last few months I have begun moveing to more of a natural based setting. This is to encourage children to develop their sense of imagination and curiosity.