Choosing a Childminder

Why choose a Childminder?

There are many advantages to choosing a childminder, either instead of a nursery, or to use alongisde a nursery environment too.

Childminders can offer:

  • Individual care, sometimes even one to one, where time can be spent interacting with your child.

  • Flexible hours, usually childminders can start earlier or finish later than some day nurseries and Out of School Clubs can offer.

  • Home-based care - allowing your child/ren to have all the home comforts they experience in their own home

  • Low adult:child ratios

  • Continuity of care, from just a few weeks right through to secondary school

  • To meet the individual needs of your baby/child, being able to adapt, where possible to the individual routines of your child

  • Social outings to toddler groups and Childminder drop-ins.

  • Real life learning, in a community environment, with regular trips to the local libraries, shops, parks and other facilities

  • Care within a mixed age environment, with brothers and sisters cared for who are pre-school and school aged, in a family environment.